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Frenectomy for Kittanning Residents

A Quick and Painless Experience

Dr. Voller has been doing frenectomies for over three decades. With the introduction of the laser in dentistry, it has become a very easy, bloodless and virtually painless procedure. There are no age limits to having the procedure performed. On infants with nursing difficulties, the procedures can be performed just days after noticing the tethered tissues that accompany nursing problems. In adults, frenectomies can free up the lips and tongue to better breath, eat, speak, swallow and clean one's own teeth. In addition, Dr. Voller lectures about the subject to both professional groups and the general public.

A frenulum is a small piece of connective tissue that plays an important role in the functionality of your lips and tongue. You actually have 3 frenulums in your mouth: one connecting each lip to your top and bottom teeth, as well as one below your tongue. When these frenulums are too tight or too short, they can easily restrict movement and affect function. This is particularly troublesome for breastfeeding babies, as it can make it difficult for them to eat and be extremely uncomfortable for the mother. For anyone dealing with this condition at any age, Dr. Voller can perform a procedure called a frenectomy. This removes the tissue that is restricting the movement of the tongue and lips.

Before and after tongue-tie treatmentWhy You Might Need a Frenectomy

A frenulum can create a condition called a tongue tie or a lip tie, and this basically means the movement of either is significantly restricted. This can lead to problems such as poor speech development, orthodontic issues, dental hygiene issues, gum recession, and general discomfort when using the lips and tongue. For breastfeeding babies, it can create complications for both the child and mother:

  • Unable to fully latch while feeding
  • Baby needs to chew on or gum the nipple
  • Bleeding and painful nipples
  • Poor nutrition and slow weight gain for the baby
  • Inability to drink from a bottle
  • Frequent unsuccessful feedings

Fortunately, the procedure to correct this issue is quite simple, quick, and painless.

Laser Frenectomy Surgery

In the past, a frenectomy was performed using surgical scissors, and typically caused a lot of pain, discomfort, and required quite a bit of recovery. Fortunately, with a soft tissue laser, Dr. Voller can quickly remove the excess tissue almost painlessly. Soft tissue lasers are precise devices, meaning that they are able to focus just on the area that needs to be treated without affecting the surrounding tissue. This means less is damaged, and that recovery will be much easier and faster. A laser frenectomy only takes a few minutes per frenulum, and requires no incisions or stitches. Typically, all it takes is local anesthetic for a patient to not feel anything at all.

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If you or your child has difficultly speaking or eating (particularly breastfeeding) comfortably, it may be because of a restrictive frenulum. As we stated earlier, this can lead to much more serious problems as time goes on, especially for young children, so don’t hesitate to contact us. No matter the age of a patient, Dr. Voller will give them a quick oral examination and will be able to quickly ascertain if a laser frenectomy is the best course of treatment. It is one of the simplest and easiest surgical procedures available today, and can have an amazing effect on a person’s overall health and functionality. Give us a call today so we can start helping you or your child as soon as possible.

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