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This new patient came in for us to fix a couple of cavities we found during his initial examination, using our laser cavity finder (Diagnodent). He had NEVER had any treatment other than 'routine cleanings' by his former dentist, who he saw six months ago.

These two molars screamed 'fluoride bombs' when I saw them.
(A 'fluoride bomb' is a term we call teeth that have been protected by fluoride in foods and drinking water, but are UNprotected inside under the grooves on the biting surface!.)

Did you ever think how many teeth go unnoticed for many years before they're picked up as huge, gaping holes like this? Our magnification and our laser diagnostic instrument helps us find things like this every day, BEFORE they have the chance to due extensive damage to the tooth!

By the way, this patient had NO pain or sensitivity before from these huge cavities! If we wouldn't have found these, he'd most likely would have needed much more extensive work, possibly root canal treatment and other more involved restorative treatment. Instead, we completed this in about a half hour.

Soon we will be using ozone to disinfect the inside of the teeth we restore and to the gum tissue to further insure that recurrence of decay and disease is kept to a minimum. Ozone kills ALL the bacteria it comes in contact with, with NO collateral damage to the healthy tissue or tooth!

The patient had NEVER had any type of dental work before this appointment. He was nervous when he came in, but when we completed these two fillings, we asked him how he felt about it, and he said, "my friends at work who don't come here, wished me luck, but honestly, I didn't feel a THING!"

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It is with great enthusiasm that the Voller Dentistry Team announces the opening of our new branch office in May 2008. It is located in RIDC Park, ten minutes north of downtown Pittsburgh, one mile off Route 28 in Harmar Township. The practice shares a building with Dr. Diperna, who, as some of you know, is a top notch periodontist who has been practicing in the Fox Chapel area for many years.

The new office features state of the art equipment and technology, a refreshment station, an internet kiosk for client use, and other amenities. As in the Kittanning office, each room is equipped with chairside monitors which allow you to see digital photographs of your mouth, so you can see what we see.

Another feature of the practice is the sharing of information via computers between our two offices. Since we are paperless, and have been for several years, any client information that is stored at one office is accessible by the other. This means that you can visit either office, or both, for your dental treatment, and your records will be at our fingertips at either place.

If you have never visited us before, we invite you to either the Kittanning or the Pittsburgh office for your complimentary initial consultation. There is no fee for this visit, which includes an exam by Dr. Voller utilizing digital photographs of your mouth. This is an opportunity to discuss your concerns about your dental health, and to discus some (possibly new) solutions. Our new phone number for our Pittsburgh branch office is 412 406 8100.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon!








When it comes to dental science, we're convinced that there are no cookie cutter solutions.  Proper health and function of the human mouth simply involve too many variables to rely solely on 'textbook' dentistry.  So, we purposefully cultivate the ability to think on our feet, think outside of the box, and look at the big picture of your dental health.  We methodically assess, accurately diagnose, and then appropriately design individualized treatment plans for each person we see.

Always Learning.

We realize that expert dental care doesn't just happen.  It requires an ongoing commitment to purposeful, focused study to keep abreast of the fast-paced advances in the dental industry.  And it requires ongoing interaction with other experts in the field, to sharpen thinking and grow in clinical application understanding.  That's why Dr. Voller so carefully invests time in continuing education, as well as in teaching, lecturing, publishing articles, and communicating via internet postings with other experts.

Always Teaching.

Wise dental health decisions require solid dental health knowledge.  That's why we take the time to provide clear, thorough instruction to all our clients about every aspect of their own personal oral health situation.  We listen carefully, explain the details of our evaluations, and then help each client understand exactly what options are available to reach their dental health objectives.

Always Available.

Of course, all of this sounds good on paper.  But what really counts is whether or not we back it up in person.  And we do.  Not only do we live out each of these principles, but we make it a point to be available when you need us.  If you have a serious concern on a Saturday night, you can reach Dr. Voller's cell phone.  If you've had a significant procedure done, you'll hear from him that evening, to answer questions and check your progress.  We're convinced that we can best serve you by being available at your convenience.

Special Announcements!

Dr. Voller Now Treats Sleep Disorders!

Dr. Voller now treats sleep disorders such as SNORING AND OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA.  Many problems, including weight gain, heart disease, high blood pressure, improper diet, sexual dysfunction, oral problems, and even premature death are likely to be related to sleep disorders and airway obstruction.  Most of the conventional types of orthodontic treatment (braces) that are performed do not consider the possibility that moving teeth and jaws in ways that restrict the airway can have serious long-term negative effects.  Many treatments for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea problems are ones that can only be performed by a dentist.  Simple to severe snoring can be alleviated by utilizing dental appliances and other modalities to help keep the airway open to allow normal breathing while asleep.  If you or someone you know snores, has sleep apnea, or wears a CPAP appliance, we’d be happy to discuss a healthier, more comfortable alternative.

Dr. Voller Goes Digital!

Our technology renovations are now complete. We welcome you to visit us for a complimentary tour of our "digitized" facility and to meet the whole Team!

Our entire office is "digitized"! ALL dental treatment rooms have a complete dual monitor computer right at the chair in front of our clients to help diagnose, plan treatment, make and change appointments, and help with client education. With our new cosmetic imaging system, we can even "preview" your new smile! Plus, we can instantly print out your photographs or email them to you for viewing at home.

Internet access and cable television is also available at each chair. (You can even check your email!) Not only does this new system help improve client care directly in the office, but it also allows us to communicate effortlessly with our referring Team of specialists for our clients who require care outside of the general practice.

What Else is New, You Ask?

We have also recently updated to a digital radiography system, which enables x-rays to be taken that can be viewed on a large computer monitor. This not only allows us to help streamline all of your diagnostic information in our computer system, digital radiography also has the added benefit of reducing our already low radiation dosage by up to 90%.

All of the dental charting will be done via computer to help store all the vital client information, including all photographs, radiographs, microscope studies and electronic charting. Communication with your insurance company can be done instantly from the chair via our new system too!

From virtually any location in the office, all client records will be able to be stored, sent and viewed digitally.

Dr. Voller Now Does Laser Dentistry!

In addition to the DIAGNOdent, the laser assisted diagnostic device that helps us find decay in it's earliest stages, Dr. Voller recently added a laser to his practice to help with client treatment. The new laser can be utilized to remove and or accurately contour excess tissue, control bleeding, treat and remove painful ulcers and even biopsy suspicious looking areas.

One More Thing!

The hygiene department now uses the state-of-the-art piezoelectric scaler! This scaler provides the ultimate in comfort for removing deposits and stains in and around teeth and to help treat gum and bone disease. Some people say it's even gentler than hand scaling! Plus, it's SO QUIET you may fall asleep while having your teeth cleaned!

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