Client Testimonials


We often receive grateful letters and emails from many of our clients. Here are a few emails and testimonials from some happy clients.


“I still get lots of compliments on my smile : ) Of course, it is all thanks to you, and I will always be grateful. I hope you feel good every single day for all the good that you do for others. You are a life-changer. What more could anyone ask during their lifetime, except to make a positive difference for someone, somewhere along the way. And, you have a made a difference in so many lives. You should be very proud of the way you are using your life energy.”


When I examine your work closely, I am really quite amazed at what you were able to do to get my "bite adjusted" by building up the lower teeth. You integrated your hands-on experience, knowledge, materials and procedure to accomplish what the lab was, apparently, unable to do for you. There has to be a tremendous amount of planning and actual activity that you have to accomplish even before the client comes into the office, that really isn't apparent to the client. Being in your chair and having you work on me for nearly eight hours and made me fully aware of all your efforts to get me back to having a good set of teeth - so necessary to support a healthy lifestyle. Thanks.


Dear Ray,

Please forward this email to the gentleman who invented the NTI. I have suffered from headaches for the past twenty seven years. I have been treated with Fiorinal, Progesterone, birth control, Vitamin B-12, Vicodin, Percocet, Prozac, Neurontin,Naproxen, Maxalt and Chiropractic therapy. I started out suffering two headaches a month, progressed to four and most recently two a week. Dr. Voller PROMISED me he could make my headaches go away with your device. Needless to say I was skeptical. Our first try demonstrated that we were able to move the location of the headaches making Ray more adamant that it was my bite. He then had a custom NTI built for me which I have been wearing for the past five weeks. I HAVE NOT HAD ONE HEADACHE. I actually wake up feeling good in the morning!! I cannot thank Ray and yourself enough!!!

Sincere Thanks,

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