TMD – Headache Relief

Estimates show that about 10 million Americans may have temporomandibular joint dysfunction and nagging symptoms like chronic headaches, earache, and facial pain. If your jaws click and pop, if your mouth won’t open and close completely, or if you wake up with headaches every morning, ask Dr. Voller for a TMJ analysis.

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joints. These two small joints hold the lower jaw to the skull. When the joints are misaligned, associated muscles and nerves become irritated from stress – and this causes pain like:

TMD treatment with TENSDr. Voller understands the intricate relationship between all parts of the oral system. He uses TENS, transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation, to relax jaw muscles. The temporomandibular joints can then fall into proper alignment. Dr. Voller will create a custom oral appliance or prescribe the NTI-tss appliance to hold the joints in this optimal position. Wear your oral appliance while sleeping to reduce or eliminate symptoms.

In some cases, muscles naturally reprogram to hold the jaw in proper position, and the oral appliance becomes obsolete. In other situations, patients wear their oral appliance at night indefinitely. In addition to splint therapy, Dr. Voller may recommend physical therapy, habit changes (like no gum chewing), or building up the bite so that teeth hold the jaw in proper position.

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