Dentures – Kittanning, PA

Reclaim Your Full
& Beautiful Smile

Dentures make it possible to replace any number of teeth, meaning it doesn’t matter if you just have a few gaps to fill or an entire missing arch. We can fill in that empty space with natural-looking teeth that will boost your confidence and allow you to eat and speak normally again. Have you already lost an extensive number of teeth? Are you expecting to have all of your teeth removed in the future? Call Voller Dentistry, PC to schedule an appointment to discuss the possibility of getting dentures from our Kittanning, PA dentist that are made just for you.

Why Choose Voller Dentistry, PC for Dentures?

  • Implant Dentures Available
  • 100% Custom-Made Prosthetics
  • Dentist with 40+ Years of Experience

What is a Partial Denture?

Animated smile during partial denture placement

A partial denture can help replace multiple missing teeth throughout your mouth. It consists of prosthetic teeth attached to a gum-colored base and fits with your remaining teeth like a puzzle piece. It is typically held in place using clasps and can be easily removed for cleaning.

What is a Full Denture?

Animated smile during full denture placement

For a person missing an entire row of teeth, a full denture can give them their smile back. In this case, the denture would sit directly on the gums.

Dental Implant-Supported Dentures and Partials

Animated smile during dental implant supported denture placement

Dental implants are small titanium posts anchored into the jawbone. If you prefer a secure full or partial denture, you should consider implant-supported dentures. In a brief surgery, an implant dentist can secure a few dental implant posts to hold your dentures in place. With implant-supported dentures, you won't have to worry about slippage, and your prosthetic will feel safe and sound.