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Periodontal Therapy in Kittanning

Protect Yourself from Gum Disease

Did you know that the most common disease in the US is gum disease? Nearly half the adult population has a form of it and is completely unaware. This is because it starts very subtly and takes a long time to develop. Once it becomes advanced, it is actually leading cause of tooth loss. At Voller Dentistry, we take the health of gums seriously. That is why Dr. Voller and our team will always examine your gums when you come to see us. Should you develop gum disease, we can help you treat it as well. If you experience red, swollen, or sore gums that bleed often, don’t hesitate to call our office today.

Patient being treated in dental chairGum Infection Therapy

Most of the time, gum disease can be treated with regular dental cleanings and more consistent oral hygiene at home. However, once the infection has become advanced, additional treatments may be required. One of these involve a deep cleaning along your gum line, which actually consists of a pair of procedures call scaling and root planing.

Scaling is when Dr. Voller will actually use a small tool to remove the plaque and bacteria that has accumulated along the gum line. The procedure is very similar to when our hygienist uses a dental pick to clean your teeth, but scaling is much more thorough and concentrated. You may be numbed before the procedure to ensure you stay completely comfortable throughout.

Root planing will then be used to shape the roots of your teeth so that plaque and bacteria are less likely to gather around them in the future. Depending on your particular situation, both procedures may require multiple appointments to complete, and Dr. Voller will likely have to come in again for a follow-up.

Soft tissue laser toolSoft Tissue Laser

One of the greatest leaps forward for dentistry has been the integration of lasers into the tool-kit. They can be used for a multitude of procedures, and allow Dr. Voller to treat his patients faster and with less discomfort. Laser treatment is extremely precise and concentrated, meaning that surrounding tissue is barely affected. This means your recovery time will be short, less painful, and you’ll see results much sooner.

A soft tissue laser, in particular, is an extremely effective way to treat gum disease. It can gently remove the infected gum tissue with minimal pain and bleeding, making it a much more comfortable experience. It also allows Dr. Voller to focus only on the infected tissue, meaning that your treatment will not only be effective, but noticeably shorter than traditional methods as well.

Antibiotic medicine vialsAntibiotic Therapy

After you have been treated for gum disease, Dr. Voller may decide to use antibiotic therapy to protect you from developing an infection while you heal. This may involve him applying a powder-like substance to your gums that is actually made of microscopic beads filled with antibiotics. These slowly dissolve over time, gradually releasing the medicine to provide you with a much more sustained treatment. Depending on your particular situation, he may also prescribe oral antibiotics as well.