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Technology & Comforts

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Just like the rest of the world, the ever quickening advancement of technology is having a big impact on modern dentistry. The latest tools enable Dr. Voller and his team to treat patients in less time, with less pain, and with an even higher-quality of care. They help them diagnose problems even sooner than before, meaning that they’ll be able to stop small problems before they ever concern you. Read on to learn more about the wonderful technology we use every day to help our patients.

Dentist with high tech cameraIntraoral Camera

One of the main reasons so many people are anxious about going to the dentist is that they can’t see what is happening during their appointment. With an introral camera, that is no longer an issue. Dr. Voller can use the small, pen-sized camera to display a large image of your teeth and mouth on a chairside monitor. Not only does it allow him to better explain what he is seeing to you, but it also makes it easier for him to spot signs of tooth decay and gum disease.

Patient receiving 3D x-raysDigital X-Rays

Traditionally, x-rays were made using film. The process to create them generated a small amount of radiation and required numerous toxic chemicals to process. Digital x-rays, however, are the next step in the evolution of technology. It produces images faster, emits less radiation, and does not require dangerous processing. Our team can almost instantly show them to you on a chairside monitor and explain what they are seeing. They are also ideal for insurance purposes because they can be easily duplicated and transferred in order to gain approval for procedures.

Hand holding blue pill tabletOral Conscious Sedation

If a patient experiences a lot of anxiety when visiting the dentist or needs to undergo invasive procedures, Dr. Voller may choose to use oral conscious sedation. For this, he will prescribe them medication to take on the day of their procedure, most likely in pill form. On the day of their visit, the patient will take the medication at home so that by the time they reach the office, they will be completely relaxed mentally and physically. They will still be conscious and able to follow the doctor’s instructions, but they will not feel any pain and time will fly by quickly.

Learn More About Oral Sedation

Female patient with nitrous oxide nasal maskNitrous Oxide

Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a form of sedation best used for people who are only slightly nervous about going to the dentist. It is mostly used for regular hygiene checkups. A mask is placed over the nose, and the patient only needs to breathe normally. After about a minute, the gas will take effect, giving them a warm, relaxing sensation. Many people say it feels like they are floating. After the procedure is finished, the mask is removed, and a patient should feel normal within a minute.

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